NanoSmart Bulbs Inc., is an innovative energy storage backup, intelligent and solar lighting systems business which give consumers a way to light any area, even when the power goes out and to save energy when you are not available.  Our rechargeable, motion sensor and solar light bulbs were designed with innovative technologies to separate it from others on the market.

Our Vision

To innovate and transform the high-tech lighting market, as a global leader in sustainability – lowering energy costs, overcoming power failures, and delivering integrated advanced energy storage and rechargeable lighting technology globally

Our Mission

To supply the most innovative, affordable, rechargeable  and intelligent lighting products and installation services --  integrated with advanced energy storage, sensing and artificial intelligence for residential, commercial and disaster management, worldwide

The different types of NanoSmart light products and services available to be sold to end users by potential business licensees or leaseholders include the following:

  • NanoSmart Light Bulbs
  • NanoSmart Light Bulbs Plus
  • Solar NanoSmart Light Bulbs
  • NanoSmart Light Bulbs Installation Services
  • Recycling Services

Sample Categories of NanoSmart Light Bulbs to be Sold

Our Contact

NanoSmart Bulbs, Inc
4906 Dillehay Dr, Suite 400, Allen, TX 75002.