About Us

Who We Are

We are a niche market lighting leader driven to deliver the most innovative energy storage backup, intelligent and solar lighting systems.

Background - 

Power failures can happen at any time. Give your customers peace of mind with the lights from NanoSmart Bulbs. These rechargeable, motion sensor and solar light bulbs are designed to work even when the power is out. With our emergency lights, consumers will be able to light their way after a major storm or blackout.

The Challenge -

Power failure anxieties occur during a number of different situations. Losing power is a source of worry to many people in different communities and countries.
Power failure or outage challenges include the following:

  • Loss of Electrical Power Due To Load Shedding
  • Power Failure Due To Unplanned Load Shedding
  • Electrical Power Interruption Due To Natural Disaster Such As Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Hail Storms & Earthquake
  • Power Outage Due To Unreliable Power Supply
  • Loss of Electrical Power Due To Inadequate Power Supply
  • Electrical Power Interruption Due To Unexpected Power Surge in an Electrical Grid
  • Flickering of light bulbs

Light Bulb Progression

Depending on the situation and country, the severity of power failure can cause anxieties and disrupt lives. To address power failure problems in order to remove the loss of electrical power worries, our emergency lights are designed with innovative technology. We have selected appropriate smart energy technologies and designed business models to accelerate the dissemination of the low-cost NanoSmart Light Bulbs to needy communities.

Our Solution - 

Parts of a Light BulbOur novel lighting technologies for the NanoSmart power failure emergency light differentiate us from the competition. These technologies include intelligence, rechargeable energy storage devices, light saving bulbs, advanced microchips, and sensors. Together, our technologies give our NanoSmart Light Bulbs longer life, reduced size, lighter weight, lower energy consumption, and silent operation when compared to related lighting products on the market.

Moreover, the use of advanced computer chips and sensors ensure automatic response when there is a power outage from the main grid or absence of a human being. This automation leads to significant energy and cost savings. Furthermore, the use of solar panels on the smart bulbs ensures that they can be recharged in the sun even when there is no electrical power available. More importantly, we have sustained R&D to continuously improve the safety and life of the bulb, and improve the aesthetic appeal of the bulb.


Noye Bio pic

Co-Founder, CTO and Chairman

Dr. Noye has approximately 30 years of research, academic, industrial and manufacturing enterprise formation experiences. Dr. Noye has a Doctorate Degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Northern Iowa with specialty in Nanotechnology. Dr. Noye has several inventions and innovations in the field of nanotechnology, smart material systems, smart mechanical systems, energy storage systems, and artificial intelligence for integration into products, systems and enterprises.

Dr. Noye has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Masters of Science degree in Engineering Design, Post-Graduate Diploma in Production Management and Certificates In Tool Design. With affiliation with Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) of Georgia Tech, Dr. Noye continues to improve his advanced and high tech manufacturing skills through short term training programs.

Dr. Noye was Adjunct professor of Nanotechnology at Southern Polytechnic State University where he taught courses in nano manufacturing at the nanoscale. His expertise in application of anthropology to product design, application and integration of artificial intelligence, integration of sensors into smart lighting products, service design for improvement of enterprises, advanced manufacturing and lean manufacturing systems are of great significance for guiding our enterprise formation, growth and expansion.

Malcom Conner

Malcolm Conner
Chief Executive Officer, NanoSmart Solutions

Malcolm Conner is CEO of NanoSmart Solutions and is leading the company through its next phase of innovation and capitalizing on exponential growth.  He brings more than 20 years of leadership and general management experience in the information services, technology, and home services industries.  Conner has successfully led companies and businesses during this time and overseen significant revenue growth and scale within the businesses.

Prior to joining NanoSmart Solutions, Conner served as President of American Water Resources LLC, a home services subsidiary of American Water, the largest water and wastewater utility in North America.  Under his leadership, the company grew by 3-fold in terms of revenues and EBITDA.  Other prior experience includes executive positions with global organizations including Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Campbell Soup Company and Accenture.

Conner earned his MBA degree in marketing and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Hampton University.  He also earned a Certified Public Accountant designation.  He serves on the board of directors for Bethesda Lutheran Communities, a healthcare organization serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and is a corporate council member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.