Franchise Benefits

The business solutions developed to make, sell, and install NanoSmart Light Bulbs are licenses and/or leases for distributorship, dealership, installation, manufacturing and franchise businesses. These innovative business models are different from conventional business models, and they feature the following advantages and differences:

  • Significance of Business Opportunity: Low cost market entry of a startup business for a franchise or product line expansion of existing business for an independent dealership or distributorship business
  • Business Price: A profitable business with a starting price of an exploratory startup business package investment cost as low as $15,000.00 including a sample of 3000 NanoSmart Bulbs™ to sell for profit of between 50% to over 200% depending on the location.
  • Business Licensing/Leasing Fee: Very low business licensing/leasing fee
  • Product prices: Market entry price as low as $2.60 per unit of a NanoSmart Bulb
  • Product Profitability: Potential sales profits on a unit NanoSmart bulb ranges between 30% to over 200% depending on the territory.
  • Product Quality: Access to certified intelligent light bulbs
  • Extra Revenue:
    • Accessories: Option to sell innovative lighting accessories for extra revenue
    • Recycling Services: Option to provide recycling services for supplementary revenue
  • Consumer Information: Opportunity to obtain available consumer data of the customer’s territory
  • Product information: Product data sheets providing specifications, features and competing advantages and technology advantage of the product
  • Promotion: Free promotional materials
  • Marketing Plans: Optional marketing plans available for modification and adaption to suit territory
  • Business Plans: Optional business plans available for modifications and adaption to suit territory.
  • Website: Optional website with initial opportunity to market product online using company web site
  • Customization: Option and opportunity for customization to use own brand and propose product design changes especially for independent dealership or distributorship businesses
  • Finance: Opportunities for referral to funding sources
  • Sustainability of Business: Sustainable R&D support for continuous product and business process improvements to ensure long term competitiveness of our clients.

Three NanoSmart Bulbs

Nano Smart Light Bulb in Packaging

Franchise Business Interest

If you are interested in a franchise business and you feel that owning a NanoSmart Installation Services business is the right fit for you please call (800) 950-2732 or visit for more information.