Licensing Opportunities

The types of business opportunities are business licenses and/or leases to sell NanoSmart light bulbs™ or to provide NanoSmart light bulbs installation services or Manufacture NanoSmart light bulbs. Depending on the territory, licensing/leasing fee and investment amount, the distributorship, dealership, installation service, and manufacturing enterprise and franchise businesses are classified into four main business packages, namely:

  1. Exploratory Startup Business Package
  2. Silver Business Package
  3. Gold Business Package
  4. Platinum Business Package

The dealership and distributorship licenses/leases are retail and business-to-business licensing models respectively. The smart bulbs installation service is both retail and business-to-business operation. Similarly, the manufacturing enterprise license is business-to-business model. On the other hand, there are three types of franchise businesses available, they are:

  1. Online Retail
  2. Installation Services
  3. Manufacturing

Franchise Business Interest

If you are interested in a franchise business and you feel that owning a NanoSmart Installation Services business is the right fit for you please call (800) 950-2732 or visit for more information.