Residential Customers:

Our target residential customers are from 4 bed room homes, high end apartments, condos and high end homes.

Business Customers:

Our target commercial, industrial and service customers include Health centers, Clinics and Hospitals; Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers; Government, Commercial and Industrial Business Offices; Restaurants and Bars; Hotels, Motels and Resorts; Stadia, Sports Arenas and Venues; Shopping Plaza, Retail Shopping Centers, and Malls; Grocery Stores and Food Retailers; Gas Stations and Convenience Stores; Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Airports; and Government Buildings.


1.0 Smart Lighting Energy Saving Services


The use of conventional incandescent as well as LED bulbs for homes, businesses and government buildings only provide light but do not decrease the energy consumption and hence do not reduce the utility bills. Additionally, when there is power outage from disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms, these conventional incandescent and LED bulbs are not able to store electrical energy for re-use.

Our Solution

We install regular smart bulbs, smart bulbs with motion sensors and smart bulbs with solar panels to store energy for re-use. The use of these smart bulbs save both utility cost as well as to provide light when there is power outage from the main electrical power grid.

2.0 Smart Cooling/Heating Energy Saving Services


Due to the type of glasses used for homes, business and government buildings they allow too much solar energy into the building, and hence forcing either air conditioning system to consume more energy to cool the building or heating systems to consume more heating energy to heat the building. Either of these situations increases utility bills for homes, companies and governments.

Our Solution

We install smart film or smart glass systems to provide energy saving, UV protection and additional benefit of providing privacy. With smart film or smart glass, homes, businesses and governments can save on heating and cooling utility bill costs.

3.0 Smart Energy Backup and Demand Management Services


When there is power outage or power failure it sometimes has life and economic losses on families, businesses and governments. Additionally, sometimes when there is availability of grid power depending in the situations especially for businesses the bill structure is that high utility bills are paid at certain times of the day and lower at other times of the day.

Our Solution

We install portable, medium and large scale smart energy storage systems to provide either backup or demand energy management services or both for our customers. The backup smart energy storage systems automatically turn on to provide electrical power when are power outages such as natural disasters from tornado, windstorm, hurricane etc. On the other hand, when there is high billing cost especially for businesses, we install the energy storage system to automatically management the energy demand and hence save utility cost.