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Power failures can happen at any time. Give your customers peace of mind with the lights from NanoSmart Bulbs. These rechargeable, motion sensor and solar light bulbs are designed to work even when the power is out. With our emergency lights, consumers will be able to light their way after a major storm or blackout.

The Power Failure Challenges

Power failure anxieties occur during a number of different situations. Losing power is a source of worry to many people in different communities and countries. The power failure or outage challenges include the following:

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  • Loss of Electrical Power Due To Load Shedding
  • Power Failure Due To Unplanned Load Shedding
  • Electrical Power Interruption Due To Natural Disaster Such As Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Hail Storms & Earthquake
  • Power Outage Due To Unreliable Power Supply
  • Loss of Electrical Power Due To Inadequate Power Supply
  • Electrical Power Interruption Due To Unexpected Power Surge in an Electrical Grid
  • Flickering of light bulbs

Depending on the situation and country, the severity of the power failure can cause anxieties and disrupt lives. To address power failure problems in order to remove loss of electrical power worries, our emergency lights are designed with an innovative technologies. We have selected appropriate smart energy technologies and designed business models to accelerate dissemination of the low cost NanoSmart Light Bulbs to needy communities.

Our Smart Lighting Technology Solution

Our novel lighting technologies for the NanoSmart power failure emergency light differentiate us from the competition. These technologies include intelligence, rechargeable energy storage devices, light saving bulbs, advanced microchips, and sensors. Together, our technologies give our NanoSmart Light Bulbs longer life, reduced size, lighter weight, lower energy consumption, and silent operation when compared to related lighting products on the market.

Moreover, the use of advanced computer chips and sensors ensure automatic response when there is a power outage from the main grid or absence of a human being. This automation leads to significant energy and cost savings. Furthermore, the use of solar panels on the smart bulbs ensures that they can be recharged in the sun even when there is no electrical power available. More importantly, we have sustained R&D to continuously improve safety and life of the bulb, and improve aesthetic appeal of the bulb.

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